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2016 Saw the biggest KISS Yet!

Moving to the shores of Kiama’s iconic harbour meant that KISS finally had a home.

Erecting a “shanty town” around the harbour of venues, cafes, food stalls, outdoor stages, circus drop zones, video installations, standees and countless interactive installations, the KISS Arts Festival managed to create an other-worldly space for young and old alike to come and play!

With record attendance and glorious sunshine, festival organisers Dave Evans and Tamara Campbell started to plan 2017’s festival immediately.

2016’s artists:

Mr Spin – AU

Eloise Green – AU

The Doogans – AU/UK

Liam Power – AU

Kiki Bittovabitsch – KAZ

Tijuana & The Cazbah – AU

Soul Flamenco – AU

Duke Dreamer – CAN

Nick Rheinberger – AU

Douch Manouche – AU

Tommy Dean – USA

The Loonatic Spectacular – CAN