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What is the KISS Arts Festival?

Festival organizers Tamara and Dave explain to us what The KISS Arts Festival is.

What’s in a name? Well KISS stands for Kiama International Sea side Arts Festival. Although the name works as an acronym, it also suits Tamara and Dave’s cheeky sense of humour with its short title The KISS Arts Festival (say it fast ten times in a row and you will see why they find it so funny). The festival has two main objectives, the first is to make people laugh, really laugh and the second is to bring people together to share in joy and laughter, while experiencing the creative arts in its many different forms.

The festival predominately hosts a variety of outdoor comedy circus and comedy theatre shows from around the world. It also has music acts, visual arts activities and community groups showing off their talents too, including the fabulously competitive Ray White Raft Race. The festival is a FREE event, which allows it to be open to all. It also encourages local artists to work side by side with International talent, inspiring each other and sharing skills.

The festival is an ever changing rich and vibrant mix of hilarious entertainment options with interactive activities that are all designed to appeal to a multigenerational audience. Tamara and Dave truly aim to have something for everyone at the event and believe that you might actually have to be dead inside not to find quite a lot of things to smile and laugh about at the festival!

So, by attending the KISS Arts festival, you are going to laugh a lot and see great acts from around the world and from around the corner, but what can you really expect from a day at the KISS Arts Festival? Set around Kiama’s iconic Black Beach, you can expect a relaxed day of watching hilarious shows. Highly skilled acrobats perform tricks and bits that you never thought you would see live (and for free) sitting along side those that you know and love – we are talking about internationally renowned talent right here in Kiama. You can experience vaudevillian performances in small tents, live music in an ocean front pop up café, food from around the globe made right here in Kiama. Talking Lampposts – yes you did read that right. A Circus Dropzone where everyone can run away with the circus for a moment, fire shows after dark, a Brass outfit to dance the night away with, not to mention, the chance to make your own costume in the AIR KISS tent or draw and interview your favourite performer. OR, get some friends together, make a Raft and be crowned the Ray White Raft Race champions of 2017 – great prizes to be won.


The Question is not “what will happen at KISS?” But rather “what won’t I experience at KISS?” To truly understand this unique and impressive event, you need to experience its vibe, its joy and its spirit for yourself. Don’t miss it, because if you do, everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t quite know how to explain it to you!

And don’t forget it’s all FREE!


Also check out the Kiama Kabaret on the Friday night before the Festival to experience the adults only night out that you would normally have to go to the city to see.

 Dave Evans – Director               Tamara Campbell – Director










Dave Evans – Director

Dave Evans started Street Performing at the tender age of 14 in London’s famous Covent Garden. Since then he has performed with the acclaimed Performance Theatre Company in The Three Musketeers, Three Men in a Boat and the box office record breaking hit The Odyssey, The English speaking Theatre of Copenhagen and The Royal Opera House alongside Placido Damingo. He has appeared in countless television shows and adverts around the world and acted alongside Sylvester McCoy, Stephen Fry and John Sessions in the Doctor Who Radio play, Death Comes To Time. Dave has also taught at London’s The Circus Space, Australia’s Circus Monoxide, devised and directed with troupes and companies across the globe and acted for 9 years as The Covent Garden Street Performer’s representative, whilst all the time still touring with his show The Great Dave Does Tea for Two, the hugely successful Married Men show, tennis racket jugglers The Racketeers and more recently the duo Kiki and Pascal. Dave has been involved in organizing many large scale events, such as the Covent Garden Jubilee Celebrations and the BOC Festival Finale. Dave was also the director of Covent Garden Artists from 2001 – 2004. He is relishing the opportunity to stage the K.I.S.S. Arts Festival and hopes that you will enjoy it too!

“ That is the best show I have ever seen” Emma Thompson – Academy award winning actress



Tamara Campbell – Director

Tamara Campbell has performed as a full time professional since 1998. She is a physical comedian who is committed to bringing theatre to the people. She has enjoyed unprecedented success with her most famous creation the loveable nerd “Shirlee Sunflower”, who’s first show “Looking for Love” has toured over a hundred major European Festivals over 13 years, including Oerol Festival, Moers International Comedy Festival, Gothenburg Festival and The Limburg Festival, often enjoying repeat bookings. Tamara is also a director, teacher and writer of physical theatre and circus based work, jobs that she is passionate about because she believes in skill sharing and providing opportunities for others. Tamara trained extensively in physical and devised theatre. She completed a Bachelor of Arts communication in theatre and Media at The Charles Sturt University, Bathurst and a dip Dell Arte from The Dell Arte International school of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake California, a qualification that only five Australians hold. She also trained in Paris with Phillipe Gaulier. Tamara has performed in over 18 countries in 7 different self-devised productions. Tamara looks forward to juggling her time between her hectic career and The K.I.S.S. Arts Festival.

“You are f**king hilarious” Neil Morrissey – Men behaving badly and Bob the builder!