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Café de Rude


Sat 29th April

12.00 – Cafe open
2.15 –    Kids Stand-up with Kiki
3.00 –   Leo
3.45 –   Nonsense trivia with Kiki
5.30 –    Kevin Sullivan
6.30 –   Glow Show
8.00 –  Leo

Sun 30th April

10 am – Café open
10.45 –  Breakfast Trivia with Kiki
11.30 –  Mr Gorski
12.00 – RAFT RACE
12.30 –  Kevin Sullivan
1.30 –    Jaardu
2.00 –   The Blowhole Buskers
3.15 –    Neisha

Café de Rude is a comedy installation Venue/French themed Café with an unmistakable classy European feel. Serving an array of traditional French food and packed full of quirky and wonderful entertainment. The immaculately dressed waiters are nothing if not down right rude and unhelpful, the menu makes little sense and service comes second to the desire of the staff to perform and be seen. Sit down for a moment, eat some delicious food, experience great coffee and do it all while being thoroughly entertained and if your lucky, insulted! Had a bad day? This a great place to have a go at someone, yes, we let the pendulum swing both ways, but only if you promise to leave laughing.

“Café de RuDe is totally brilliant!” – Bill White, Viva La Gong production Manager