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Kiki Bittovabitsch – KAZ

Sat 30th – 5pm Street Theatre & 7pm La Petite Grande
Sun 1st 1.30pm Street Theatre


Kazadorian Comedy Princess

Kiki is a contortionist, an acrobat and a real life princess. After loosing her country of Kazador (she literally cannot find it!), she has travelled the world as the self appointed Kazadorian Kultural attaché. Kiki is renowned for spreading joy and laughter with a shovel. Kiki delights in sharing colourful renditions of her countries history, myths and legends and engages in outrageous interactive fun to share these tales with her audience. Her favourite of which is the towering Kazadorian Fountain of Hope. Luckily Kiki is as charming as a bull and brings to the world a dizzying array of talents, but it is her outrageous sense of humour that makes her unforgettable. Kiki is one funny lady.