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Leo – Singer/Songwriter – AUS

Show Times:
Sat 29th - 3pm & 8pm Café de Rude

Let Her Go – LEO (official clip) from Carolyn Nowaczyk on Vimeo.


Leo is a Wollongong-based singer/songwriter. The 23-year-old indie folk artist has recently turned her attention from acoustic collaborations to her solo project. The release of her debut single ‘Daniel’ combines Leo’s shadowy, atmospheric sounds with meditative, threadbare lyrics.

Influenced by contemporary artists like Missy Higgins, Ani DiFranco and Ainslie Wills, and an adoration of music from the 80’s, Leo uses her eclectic taste and honest approach to song writing to create emotionally charged original pieces. With earthy acoustic guitar as the bones of her compositions, Leo has used layers of electric and distorted lap guitars to build her debut to a murky and pressing swell. ‘Daniel’ is both hard hitting and understated: its story is thinly veiled behind direct lyrics but never becomes mired in melancholy. Leo’s distinctive voice has the texture of paperbark – its warmth is coupled with a haunting grittiness that carries the darker tones of the song. Once decoded, ‘Daniel’ tells the story of a life-changing incident that took place in the country town where Leo grew up. That turbulent time inspires Leo’s passionate music, some of which will be showcased in her upcoming EP.

Beginning her musical journey in Kandos (central western NSW), Leo moved to Wollongong in 2010 and has been carving out her niche in the music scene ever since.