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“The Kid Stakes” with live accompaniment by Jan Preston.

7pm 30th May – Café de Rude

Kid Stakes Kids action

The Australian silent comedy, The Kid Stakes, is a live action silent comedy based on the Fatty Finn cartoon characters. This highly entertaining 1927 film is a happy irreverent piece of suburban Australiana with a series of lunatic subplots woven around the schoolboy, Fatty Finn, his friends and enemies, and Hector the Goat. Tal Ordell’s movie was hugely popular when it was released, and it is an iconic part of early Australian Cinema.

It was shot entirely on location in New South Wales, except the final Billy Cart race (illegal in NSW so filmed in Queensland), a climactic race which leaves audiences gasping with excitement.

Jan Preston’s original score for piano and percussion (kazoo, tin drum, snare and plastic bags) reinforces the story, characters and comedy of the film.

Recent performances at Woodford Folk Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival and NZ’s Art Deco Festival, have had a sensational response from contemporary film going audiences.